Antimicrobial Waste Management: Needs Identification Workshop

24-25 October 2023, Lisbon

The workshop aimed to gather expert opinions, recognise knowledge gaps and understand varying antimicrobial waste reduction and management trends from a multidisciplinary perspective.

It traced the pathway of waste throughout clinical settings, considering opportunities for reduction and best practices for safe disposal.

Therefore, the workshop started with clinical considerations to reduce waste at the point of care intervention and finished with optimum disposal practices that prevent contamination of the environment and AMR development in this area.

The workshop brought together a variety of healthcare professionals from various EU countries and profiles:

Jennifer Collins – workshop coordinator, Health Care Without Harm Europe
Jonathan Rivin – Waste Minimisation Consultant, Health Care Without Harm Europe
Dr Ute Pieper – Consultant Environmental Health Experience, WHO
Dr Anne Woolridge – Chief Operating Officer, Independent Safety Services Limited, United Kingdom
Dr Joao Carlos Amaro Ferreira – Professor at ISCTE, currently the head of the AI in Health application unit at ISCTE and INOV INESC Innovaco
Thyge Morten Nielsen – Senior Consultant, architect of the waste management system of the Denmark Capital Region

Presenters of the waste management workshop
Presenters of the Antimicrobial Waste Management Workshop
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