Course Development Methodology

Drawing on the renowned Guide of the Association for Medical Education In Europe (AMEE), the project develops a Handbook harmonizing educational methodology and technical prerequisites for training modules, aligning them with the chosen educational platform, Lecturio.
The Handbook is continually refined based on developer and user feedback, enhancing its effectiveness.

The course material is presented in different ways, considering different learning types and students’ learning preferences: written summaries, strategically segmented video lectures and infographics.

Learning paths guide students through the course according to their learning needs, ensuring easy navigation even if they do not progress linearly through the course material.


three courses on AMR
3 courses on AMR

Quiz questions following each video actively engage students, while the spaced repetition algorithm allows students to commit knowledge to long-term memory. Spaced repetition is an evidence-based learning technique used in language teaching for a long time. Its essence is to recall the previously learned material at increasingly longer intervals.

The study materials will be accompanied by a question bank, which enables immediate feedback and confirmation of correct answers.


3 courses on AMR

The courses will be available online in six languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Hungarian and Lithuanian.

Additional face-to-face and online training sessions led by qualified trainers are also planned in the countries participating in the project.

EU co-funded project

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